Alex + Tara l Aiken, SC Wedding Photographer l Hopelands Gardens + The Wilcox Wedding


March 24, 2016

Alex + Tara had their wedding at Hopelands Gardens and followed it with an intimate dinner at the Wilcox. All week the weather threatened storms and rain on their wedding day but come 3 o’clock on Saturday there was nothing but beautiful sunshine! The weather held off all evening for their wedding (it down poured that night after I got home!!!!). 

I love small weddings. Not because they’re less hectic. (Truth be told, small weddings almost always find a way to dish out a healthy dose of craziness–maybe because its unexpected?!) Anyway-one of the reasons I love small weddings is because the bride and groom get to spend more time with their guests. Theres an unspoken intimacy with small weddings. I’d like to say theres camaraderie but thats not quite the right word… Theres a feeling of unity (there it is!). It feels as if everyone present is hugging the couple while they exchange their vows. 

Being a part of Alex + Tara’s wedding day was such a pleasure. Tara is about the sweetest most down to earth girl you will ever meet. Tara + Alex had such awareness for one another. Awareness that only comes from deep seeded love for another person. And their daughter…oh their daughter! This child is probably the most beautiful big sis to be ever. Yep, thats right. She’s going to be a big sis! Tara + Alex announced to their closest friends and family that they are expecting again using their cake topper! SUCH A JOYOUS DAY!

Congratulations Alex + Tara!!!! It was truly such a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love. And congratulations on the newest member-to-be of your family!!



(PS-Remember clients! 25 comments get you a free 11×14 print credit that you can use directly in your gallery! (15: 8×12 and 50: 16×20)

  1. Morgan says:

    Sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Misty says:

    These are absolutely stunning!!!!

  3. Jessica Cantrell says:

    Love love love! And congratulations on both accounts 😉

  4. Jessica Kern says:

    Simply beautiful and blessed beyond measure…the moments are captured forever for Alex and Tara to share each time the behold the magic that each portrait captured… We love you all

  5. Phyllis Sattler says:

    It’s rare that I find a series of pictures to be breathtaking but every one of these are so well thought out and full of emotion. Thank you so much for taking away the worry of making sure the day was captured from beginning to end. I always knew my daughter is a beauty and I see not only her amazing smile in these, but also her personality. You’ve given T and Alex a wonderful way to remember this memory for years to come.

  6. Marie Tufo says:


  7. Marie Tufo says:


  8. Marie Tufo says:

    Hi, Trying again to post
    I was your grandmother, Rachel’s, good friend and I wanted to express my sincere best wishes to you both for great happiness and good fortune. Seeing the album made me emotional as I thought of my friend and remembered her and all of you , but I am sure she was looking down with joy and love and sending the sunshine for your special day.
    Aunt Nancy keeps me posted with photos and news about all of you so I still feel connected to the Moriartys.
    The album is exquisite!

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