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February 27, 2023

Wedding days like this are days that I wish I could do over and over and over again. A day with the focus solely on the love of the couple. Judah and Brooklin prioritized being present in EVERY single moment of their wedding day. As a wedding photographer, this is my absolute favorite. It means a day full of authentic moments and genuine emotions.

The day started with the couple getting ready together (at least until it was time for the gown to go on)! Honeycomb florals painted their ceremony space with the most stunning blooms before the couple shared their first look. The first look has become one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. When I first got started as a wedding photographer I was a staunch traditionalist. I would, of course, photograph first looks! But my heart belonged to that walk down the aisle moment. However, over the years I have become the biggest advocate for the first look! A few reasons why they are so fabulous:

  • It’s a moment that belongs ONLY to the couple. Wedding days are often busy days! You are surrounded by all of your closest friends and family at once! (And don’t get me wrong – this is also one of the best parts of a wedding day). But having a first look allows this one moment that belongs solely to the couple. A precious few moments they can stick in their back pocket and hold on to forever.
  • Okay obviously I had to do a photo related plug: YOU GET MORE PHOTOS! Who doesn’t want that?! Typically, when we do all of our photos post ceremony we have an hour. That is one hour to do all of your bridal party, family formals, and couples portraits. During this time your guests are waiting on you (and you are eager to go spend time with them now that they are here)!! With a first look we can spend as much time as you want on your couples portraits, you don’t have to keep your guests waiting and you can go straight into your reception!
  • From your ceremony onward you are just living in every moment of your day. With a first look we can get ALL of your photos (including family) done prior to the ceremony. This means that from your ceremony onward your only job is to be present and soak it all in.
  • This is one of my favorite points: first looks are Groom approved! More often than not it is the Groom that would prefer to save that moment for down the aisle. I frequently hear from grooms that opted to do the first look how glad they were that they did it. They liked being able to have that moment in private. They felt like they shook the ceremony nerves off. And the best part: the bride always wants to ask what he thinks of the dress! With a first look the groom can touch and twirl, hug and kiss, and possibly even shed some tears in private for the more stoic gentlemen!
  • It just makes sense! More photos. Private moments to share only between the two of you. Shake the nerves for down the aisle. More time with your family and friends. What is left to question?!

Don’t get me wrong. I still adore a first look that happens down the aisle. But through the years I have come to love the benefits a first look can offer on a wedding day.

Now that I have formally shared my love letter to first looks I am beyond excited to share some beautiful moments from Brooklin and Judahs wedding day! It was the most stunning day and the sincerest honor to be their wedding photographer.

Aiken, SC Wedding Photographer

Photography: Dailey Alexandra Photography

Planning: Emerald Ox Co

Gown: Made with Love Bridal

Catering: New Berry Hall Aiken

Florist: Honeycomb Florals

Videography: Good Co Studios

Hair and Makeup: Salty Locks Hair Ext

Ceremony Musician: Edgewire Music

DJ: Magic 706

Cake: Hey Honey Cakery

Reception Venue: New Bridge Polo Club

Donkeys: Black Burro Events

Rentals: All Star Tents and Events

Champagne: Buzz Worthy Bubbles

Invitations: Allegra in Aiken (designed and printed)

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