Those Are Strings, Pinocchio.


July 10, 2015

So, this past week I was watching the episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory graduates from high school. Now, if you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls before just go ahead and close out of this window, start a pot of coffee, send your guy for some mallomars and plant your butt in front of Netflix. You’re welcome.

Disclaimer-this episode is a total tear jerker. Seriously. If you have a good relationship with your mom make sure to have the Kleenex ready. I’ve seen this episode at least 5 times (okay, 25) and EVERY time it gets me. I’m not a crier. Seriously.  Not even ‘The Notebook’ gets me. Unless something furry with four legs bites it-you’re going to have a tough time cracking this girl. BUT THIS EPISODE… UGH! Every time. My mom is my best friend. She taught me that good  coffee is non-negotiable, music really does sound better loud and that sometimes mental health days are necessary. She taught me that strength of character and a strong sense of self worth never go out of style. She taught me the value that lies within the satisfaction of a job well done. But most of all, she taught me that you can take nothing in this life with you. Our lives are measured not by dollars but by experiences and love.  So, when Rory so eloquently puts into words what her mother means to her-it just gets me. 

But I digress (as usual). Rory’s graduation episode got me thinking about Janet + Tony. When they told me they wanted to shoot at USC I was super excited. We got up bright and early and started their engagement session at the horseshoe. We ended up going pretty much everywhere within a mile radius. Seriously, if you ever visit USC’s campus- let me know, I’ll give you a tour! I love love love shooting at places where a couple has history. When planning your engagement session and googling places with tall grass and aged barns for your shoot…remember-scenic isn’t always better. Go for a place with history or significance to you and your #mcm. I promise you, it will show through in your pictures. Any-who, in honor of Janet + Tony tying the knot this Saturday I decided to (finally) share some of the fabulousness from their engagement shoot! Happy Wedding Eve J+T!



  1. LInda Mosher says:

    I love you too kid! Thank you for the kind words…your pictures are amazing!

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